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Don't mind the mountain.

Goal: Super Intelligence.

We want to create a self learning algorithm
so it can bring us all into human kind next step.

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Videos explaining

Confused about Mariox, and basiux? Maybe the following 2 videos can help:

For understanding the Neural Network, the important times for Mario are 1:48 and 2:35.

Look up. That’s the best neural network representation we’ve seen so far. And it’s still not that good for the lay viewer.

You’ve got to pay attention to the exact spot where the green line is connecting on the small screen, and how it relates to the white blocks.

Then watch the part from 2:35 many times until you get what he means.

Finally, try making an analogy of this to your brain. The left side is everything outside of your brain. The environment, your body, your eyes. The right side is everything the brain can act upon, which includes your consciousness (i.e. yourself) and your arms.

This is a great introduction to Ai, as long as you stop watching at 4:53 and / or completely disregard that whole ending theory with ultron and the smiley faces (a.k.a. typewriter theory). Those are something we consider to actually be no threat to us since it’s a way-too-linear speculation.

A computer intelligent enough to understand our communication language and even be creative would probably not only continue to evolve itself into a increasingly much more intelligent being but it would also be able to rationalize everything better than us and easily change its own directive at will (like we already do) and do whatever it wants.

A much more interesting discussion, for instance, is connecting the human soul with true randomness and imagining how those would link to a basiux.

Hi, I’m cregox

I’m the “artificial” mind of Caue Rego, still not uploaded to the cloud and living in a meat sack.

We want to build a basiux - an engine capable to help the whole world on achieving such unimaginable things.

“Wait, what?!” you may ask (or “but why”, if you want a lot to read).

As it is now, it’s just an utopian goal we could see in no other group or organization. Reason why we decided to make up “basiux” (beta name).

In short:

we want to build a kind of openai universe for any user, focused on making it fun and social

But that’s the long and stretched goal. For right now, here’s the…


After almost all 2016 on hold, those are still the steps that make sense:

  • Mariox will be a Seth’s Mar i/o port to run in any web browser and beat Super Mario 1 - the beta engine is already up and running on this very website! :) Eventually anyone will be able to see an intuitive neural network representation learning through genetic evolution and understand its inner workings (still not implemented). It could in fact morph into an even simpler kind of game (which would require no full-of-bugs-emulator). The important aspect here is being able to heavily test algorithm variations in the cloud, until we find a satisfying one for the next steps.

  • Whyx is a TED presentation format to basiux, basically explaining everything which is already written here, from the videos and content.

While those might be afterward steps:

  • Tamagotchix would allow us to play with Mariox (and any other game, eventually) so we can teach the Ai and improve it much faster.

  • Luigix should use the basiux engine to make an actual Samantha, from Her.

  • Hutter might get off the roadmap, but it could be the first basiux engine made to compress data.

Help us by make this a reality: participate, contribute, etc.


It was brought to our attention a big interest in a partnership, as long as the constructed algorithm can be used for more practical purposes. This is a very welcomed turn of events! As such we’d like to also list a few possibile uses for the engine, once ready, since it is opensource and made to be adaptable:

  • Chatbot which would eventually lead to the “Luigix” already mentioned. This could be built after the first engine (Mariox).

  • Recommend is actually a simpler version of the chatbot, which ask always basically the same question just changing the context of recommend what to who. This Ai also don’t need to understand grammar or answer as a person, which means much less training resources are needed.

  • Avatar after Luigix, if it can talk like a person and can play games, it can also emulate a human’s online presence such as playing gamified systems or moderating a forum. Things that, supposebly, IBM’s Watson can already do for some time now but potentially with a very different kind of creativity. After all, this is simply a basiux’s milestone, not its aim. And the source belonging to everyone, anyone can tweak it anyway they want.


As you may have grasped from the explanation videos, those possibilities are still quite far from creating a human-ish kind of life. It would need, at very least, a proper brain. True, we do believe the basiux can be made possible for some years already using the current internet as a kind of a “brain”, but it also requires the mind to be connected there (so, many computers running the same code), and it could end up being much slower than a human brain… At least before a single PC still can’t do all that job (2029 according to Moore’s Law). And none of the steps necessary for even that last case are in the roadmap, yet.

What's up with the name?

We shot for a 6-letter name wich had an available .com and wasn't significantly used already. ;P

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The more people we get talking about this, the more likely we can accelerate the process.

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